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    wakeboarding boats

    Im going to sell my 08 rxt-x and possibly look into buying a used wakeboarding boat. Does anyone know any dealerships that sells them used? Im looking for one somewhere around MD,VA,PA.


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    a word of advice, make sure to get one that has perffect pass and some type of ballest tanks (if you are going to be serious about wakeboarding). Perfect pass is a must when wakeboarding because any type you cut it changes the speed of the boat(which affects the wake (BAD)) but with perfect pass it compensates for this.

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    THis might help you out:


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    Whats up Gary? Why you selling the X?
    We have a alot of wake boats arround here and I here the best are Malibu and Wake Setter. I here of some problems with Tige.
    Hate to see you leaving the PWC seen.
    Good luck!!

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    Be sure a wake boat is what you want. We were a nats ass from buying one until I rode in one. The ride in chop was horrible and painful.

    If you want to wakeboard then get the boat, but if you want to cruise around and wakeboard every now and again look for something with a deeper hull

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    Master Craft X boats are the bomb!!

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