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    Wink js440 help

    hi there i just bought a js440 in the hope of restoring it but it has some bits missing and some modded parts that i dont know how to wire in.
    the flywheel nut is missing i know its a m20 but cant find the pitch for it to order one, does any one know this?
    the second question is the flywheel, the guy i got it off said the guy his mates uncles brother(lol) who used to have it removed the charging circuit, i can confirm this because it is definitely an aftermarket alluminium flywheel with four little magnets in the back and a tiny little pick up on a stator plate on its own, does anyone know of this mod? and who would be the manufacturer of this part?
    the wiring in the electronics case has been butchered about the starter solenoid is there, a twin coil and a little black box with an led on it which has got "automatic cut out" written underneath it i guess this bit has been supplied with the flywheel???! once i have this sorted i got to sort the plumbing out for fuel,cooling and bilge, dont you just love projects and newbies??
    i have the parts online microfiche and a 550 js manual so i should be able to figure most of it so i guess the flywheel ignition wiring would be high on my priority list!
    thanks guys

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    Sounds like a jetnetics flywheel.

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    cheers mate just looked at their website it looks like i have an early version of this system just got to try and get a wiring diagram for it now! lol

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