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    Starter switch / DESS bug?

    On my 1999 GTX limited, I'm not getting the two beeps everytime I plug the DESS in. If I bump the start/stop switch, I get my two beeps. Could this be a possible sticky switch or another problem?
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    I don't have the 99 manual but I checked into it on the 98 model. The start/stop switch shouldn't be the problem. If it were sticking you would have constant power throughput. As long as it's breaking the connection by not trying to start the ski when you plug in the DESS, that should be ok. It could be an MPEM issue. You may even have a fuse with a little green corrosion forming on it or getting dirty contacts. They sometimes will allow power through but not the full potential until more amps are needed which will then fully power the system.

    I went through 8 hours of brain meltdown last year trying to figure out why a pwc would power up and run fine one minute and not power up at all the next. I tested everything thoroughly with the good 'ol multimeter several times looking for bad wiring and turned up nothing, even the fuses on both sides tested ok. Eventually I pulled the fuse block apart and it turned out to be the underside of the the fuse block. Where the fuse gets plugged in, beneath it needed the varnish-like film to be sanded off all the contact points. I didn't want to see that thing ever again so I made the contacts look like shiny gold and put the di-electric grease right to it.
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