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Thread: Running Lean

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    Running Lean

    So my top end blew because i was running lean. I ordered a new engine from SBT and before i put it in this weekend I am going to take a look at the carbs to see if that was where my problem originated from. I ordered the plug for the oil injection so i will be pre mixing going forward. My question with running lean has to do with the carbs. Do I have to adjust any settings if I am going to be using a pre mix? If so please explain what I will have to do and what i should be looking for. Thanks!

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    Should not require any significant adjustments - if your premix ratio approximates the oil injection amount, then fuel metering should be the same.

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    I would take the time to dissasemble the carbs and check the inlet filters. Check all the fuel lines, I would also double check the components inside the carbs such as the check valves, diaphrams ect. and the adjuster screw(s) setting and make sure everything is ok before you install them on that new motor.
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