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    Freshly rebuilt SL750, before I do anything I need help!

    I love this forum! So many projects just like mine

    Story goes, I met a guy who was selling this 750... he bought it for $3K years ago, and since then has put about $2K worth of work into it including a fresh taken to a shop rebuild of the motor after his son apparently got caught up in some weeds and killed it. The shop he took it to rebuilt the motor, but couldn't get it started because the starter was pooched, so while he was looking to get a replacement starter the company closed down and basically handed him back the machine mostly put back together along with a couple coffee cans worth of nuts/bolts/parts, this was a couple years ago and it hasn't run since.

    He wanted $2K for it and I told him not a chance since I can't see it running, and we settled on $800 and the way I figure the used parts if the 750 can't be fixed probably could fetch close to that much, and I'd have a nice little trailer to boot! Can't go wrong. Although after reading so many people who get these things for free...

    In one of the coffee cans was 3 old pistons in not really in that bad of shape to be honest all looked the same and a nice dark film on them, so I took out the plugs and looked in with a light and all three are nice shiney/new! So I'm thinking they really did go all out and rebuild this thing, while I was in there I dripped some 2 stroke oil into the each since they havn't run so long didn't want to be turning it over completely dry. They had pretty much everything put back into place except for the exhast and intake cover, the rest pretty much was in and bolted down which made me happy.

    So I ordered a used starter off Ebay for $40 shipped, popped it in, pieced together all the exhast and intake and everything else I could figure out on my own. Did a compression test and each one had within a few ft^lbs of each other so that was good, primed the carbs with some nice rich fuel and off she went! Started great with some nice healthy 2 stroke smoke pouring out the ass. After a couple primes it was running on it's own pump and no more priming needed, but since I didn't have it in water I only let it run about a minute and shut it off and resisted the temptations to fire it up again since I don't want to overheat the motor or wreck any impellers or whatever can happen with one of these things

    So this is where you all come in! I've been reading a few forums and these 750's seem to have a comon problem of cooking pistons... not what I'd like to see happen... so with a fresh brand new rebuilt motor how should a guy like me go about making sure everything is up to snuff and as good as it gets? I've read about putting in a bigger/better fuel pump... new fuel lines... blocking off the oil tank and running pre-mixed so I know it's good... possibly running carb 3 it's own pump/line to ensure it's getting fed properly... maybe rejetting carb 3...

    There seems to be quite alot of tips/tricks to getting the most hours out of this type of machine and since this is as fresh as it gets I'd like to do it now before hitting the water! So I'm looking for help and advice from any and everyone on what I should do. I'm used to working on cars/trucks/bikes/sleds but 2 stroke PWCs... this is all new to me. Anyone with good tech tips or good links feel free to post, I know if I scour this forum enough I'm sure I could piece things together but we just had our first baby girl a month ago and my internet surfing time has greatly been deminished.

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    well first of all you said that once you got it fired you ran it for about a min. whoa, shut er down! when your motor is freshly rebuilt everything is really tight and when that is the case you need to warm it up so that there is as gradual expansion as possible. therefor you need to get that thing in water for load purposes and cooling. Second check your carbs in great detail or put in a fresh rebuild kit if you are unsure. Adequate fuel to those carbs is quite essential. Make sure all your pop off pressures are within 1 psi of each other. The three outlet fuel pump is highly recommended. and lastly follow proper break in procedures exactly. do all of this and you should have a great ski that lasts you quite a long time. P.S. a good way of checking your carb conditions is to put fresh plugs in a warm motor, start up and run at full throttle for about 10-15 seconds shuterdown and then check color of your plugs. they should looke like they just got covered with a spray of caramel. good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by strictlystandups View Post
    ...put fresh plugs in a warm motor, start up (IN THE WATER) and run at full throttle for about 10-15 seconds shuterdown (pull the lanyard while still at full throttle) and then check color of your plugs.
    they should look like they just got covered with a spray of caramel. good luck!
    Just to be clear on that.

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    First and foremest, welcome to the Hulk.

    I'd start with a leak down test to insure the case is sealed air tight.

    Definately, go through the carbs thoroughly, especially if they sat that long.

    Replace all fuel hoses, and re-installing the restrictor that's in the return hose going back to the tank.

    Replace the fuel pump with a triple outlet.

    And if you keep the oil injection over going to premix, I'd replace them hoses as well.

    Set carb adjustments to stock for a starting point, but you will need to make adjustments from there since your pistons are most likely oversized now.

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