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    Buying RXP ...???? Questions

    Hi...Really dont come to this side very much if at all but do read to see what you guys are doing.

    Anyway a friend of mine is thinking of buying a rxp and was asking me about them. I told him what I new but dont have alot of experiance with them. Only riding one twice so not even alot of ride time on it.

    Anyway what are the must things to watch out for??

    I know about the clutch washers going out and you can buy the others but whats the real story. Are they good enough to leave alone or buy the ski and replace it regardlis.

    Plans to leave it basically stock....I might do some prop ride plate and grate stuff....maybe.???

    How are just the bone stock rxp's doing??

    Is the 04 the one to stay away from??

    I think this is an 05 but he didnt really know.

    Anyway any info would be great.

    I wouldnt even mind buying one but am still leary about the horrer stories.

    Like some water in the motor for about 15 minutes and find out the block and crank are shot and that will be $4000 please.

    ANyway let me know what ya think and if ya own one and had problems would ya do it again??

    THanks everyone

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    Ive had my 04 for 4 years and only had two problems 1 hood gas strut 2 lake temp sensor. hope that helps

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    I have an 05 that is a stg III plus Rude charger. My only issues (minor) have arisen from my own wrenching. I have a friend with an 04 that gets riden hard by his teenagers and their friends(the RXP gets riden hard ). It still has the ceramic washers in it, and, it has well over 2 hundred hours on it with no issues


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    three of my main friends that i go on the lake with have RXPs and i have an rxp-x and between the 3 of us we have had:

    -one ceramic washer blow on a 07 RXP that is riden ridiculously hard and broken-in improperly

    -broken VTS on a 04 RXP ridden hard and alot of hours

    -replaced clamps on the SC hoses on my RXP-X but they never blew off it was just to be safe

    so they really aren't that bad...better than our 2 friends with yamis that have had alot more problems than us.. my friends had to tow the guy with a yami with his RXT

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