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    Noob Question/Frustration

    Hello all! I'm new here.

    I just bought my first PWC. It's a 99 Yamaha GP1200. It needs a tiny bit of TCL, but overall, I'm very pleased

    My biggest frustration right now is trying to tighten these damn handle-bar bolts. The combination of my fat arms, the tight space involved, the immense amount of grease that has coated my ratchet, and not being able to see what I'm working on has made this a nightmare.

    I have the plastic cover off of the handlebars, so i can see the tops of the bolts. They're flushly mounted in holes that hold them from turning. I'm trying to get a socket (with 2 extensions) onto the nuts underneath, but I can't even tell if I'm using the right size socket.

    Does anyone have any tips or tricks for torquing these?

    I've included a handy illustration so that you can see what I'm talking about.

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    You can remove that handlebar pad...

    EDIT: NVM. Sorry long day.

    I'm not too sure. Haven't done anything with the handlebars on mine.

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    do the bolts keep coming loose?

    Put like blue loctite on them so that they won't come unloose.. but you will still be able to take them out...

    are you sure your using the right socket?

    with the extension connected to the socket, take it and put what socket you think is the right size over the bolt.. and turn it and shake it.. see if there is any wiggle in the socket/bolt... if there is wiggle either it is just a tiny tiny bit or wrong socket.

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    the easiest way would be to put one extension on and pull the front bin out and access the bolts through the front compartment. I forgot what size they were. Hope this helps. I do remember that it was frustrating but just hang in there and take your time. It is a b*tch to do it with oily wrenches. Try to keep them clean.

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    I did mine when I converted to the UMI steering, I believe it was 10mm

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    Thanks for all of the replies!!

    With the assistance of a second set of hands, I was able to get at least a couple of them tight. Unfortunately, whoever worked on them previously, rounded them, which made things difficult.

    Not being able to see them, or get a good feel for them since they were fairly stripped, made it hard to gauge the size socket needed. However, I thing they were 10mm. Thanks!

    The only wiggle I seem to have left now is from the lower steering bearing. It's a $6 part, and should be much easier to get to.

    Thanks again, everyone!!

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