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    2000 SLH 700 voltage problem

    Just got a 2000 SLH, put in a brand new battery (fully charged), seems to run fine, but the voltage display keeps rising while riding until it gets to almost 17v, then the display goes blank and just says OVEr volt. I hit the mode button and it blinks red light and resets, only to repeat back to the OVEr volt screen in mere seconds. Do you think I got a defective battery, or is there likely a different problem? Voltage regulator? Also, will it hurt to ride it this way until I get it figured out?



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    High over-voltage will cause damage.

    You need to figure out if the MFD is wrong, or if you do indeed have excess voltage in the system.

    If you really do have 17 volts, the battery will be seriously overcharging, which will kill it fairly quickly.

    The CDI may not be able to handle sustained over voltage without damage. Either simply replace the regulator right now, or do some diagnostics.

    High voltage could be caused by a poor ground on the voltage regulator, or a failing voltage regulator, so check that ALL your grounds are in good condition. No corrosion INSIDE the contacts.

    Check and clean both ends of the heavy battery negative cable. Check and clean the positive cable while you are at it.

    Put a multi-meter on the battery posts, and see what the actual voltage is with the engine running. If it is 15 volts or more, you have a problem that needs fixing.

    If you have high voltage, and the grounds are all OK, and you simply cannot get another regulator in time, then disconnect the Voltage regulator wires (wrap them in tape to avoid shorts), and run on the battery alone.

    Also disconnect the Yellow wire to the MFD. You won't have RPM display, but the MFD will be isolated from the charging system output voltage.

    How long you can ride with just battery power will depend on the health of your battery, and other factors. When you get down to 11.0 volts on the MFD, stop riding, and re-charge the battery.

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    Had the exact same thing happen on my 2000 SLH...I cleaned up all the battery connections especially the negative connection to the engine ground. Everything was alright after that...if that hadn't worked, I was going to then replace the voltage regulator.
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