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    Question 1989 Wavejammer HELP!!!

    HELP!!! I need the old school guru's or anybody else that may know anything about the carb on my recently acquired 1989 Yamaha Wavejammer. It starts fine and idle's great, but give it throttle and uggh! nada, just bog's. So before I start doing horrible things to this thing, I'm reaching out. Any idea's, or could it not be the carb? Any help would be great. Thanks soooo much!

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    When is the last time the carbs have been rebuilt?
    when was the last time the internal filters and fuel filter has been replaced?
    Sounds like it needs a minor adjustment

    1989-1993 WR500 and WJ500 OEM jetting
    Low jet 77.5
    High Jet 80.0
    65 GRAMS

    From the factory, the low and high speed adjusters are:
    1989-1993 WR500 and WJ500
    Low Speed – 1-1/4 (+/-) 1/4 turn
    High Speed – 7/8 - 1 (+/-) 1/4 turn

    Please becareful when adjusting the screw. Wehn closing them, do not bottom out the screw. to start with a baseline, close the adjuster just until you feel resistance, then open up to the appropriate turns.
    Open = richen mixture
    Close = leaner mixture

    Also, The low speed adjuster is used in conjunction with the idle stop screw to adjust and maintain idle speed and smoothness. If need be, for setting your idle, experiment turning the low speed adjuster in and out in small increments until a smooth idle is obtained. As the idle stop screw is turned in or out to raise or lower idle speed the low speed mixture is also affected. For clarification, if the idle stop screw is turned out to lower idle speed, this action increases manifold pressure slightly and richens the low speed mixture so that a mixture adjustment may be required. The low speed adjuster is very sensitive and adjustments should be made in small increments only.

    Note: Remember, the low speed adjuster is only for adjusting the idle mixture. If you use the adjuster to help get rid of a low speed hesitation, you will probably find that your engine will load up in no wake zones, or after extended idling.

    Carb Tuning thread
    1. LOW SPEED ADJUSTER -To adjust a smooth idle
    2. POP-OFF PRESSURE -Just off idle to 1/4 throttle in conjunction with the low
    speed jet.
    3. LOW SPEED JET -Just off idle to 1/3 throttle.
    4. HIGH SPEED JET - 1/3 to 3/4 throttle.
    5. HIGH SPEED ADJUSTER -3/4 to wide open throttle.
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