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    New guy with SL750--couple ?s...

    Hey all, great site here! Recently purchased a '95 SL750...It is a CLEAN CLEAN ski with only 13 hrs according to the hour meter. Not sure I quite believe it but it looks it and I don't think the meter can be reset on the MFD. There are only some minor beaching marks on the hull and those are the only flaws...Anyway, I have been reading on here about the various issues with these skis...Is the fuel pump upgrade mandatory? Seems like the carbs are pretty well tuned...idles well and runs about 40-45 mph topped out. I really don't run WOT much so not sure I need to upgrade. I talked to a guy at a local shop who said I should make a flower pot out of the ski because Polaris are pieces of crap...Are they really that bad? What are some things to watch out for as far as maintenance and upkeep? I have had a Yamaha previously that someone wrecked for me so this is my first
    Polaris. I have had it out to the lake twice already and it has run flawlessly. Also, the only problem that I have with this ski so far is that the 'Low Fuel' light on the MFD comes on once in awhile even though the tank is full or nearly full...I asssume a float or something is sticking...How would I go about fixing this problem? Thanks in advance...
    Chandler, AZ

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    Hey Rich Welcome to the hulk!!!

    The Polaris is a great ride fun to do 360s with. The fuel pump will bite you one day the upgrade is cheap insurance. The fuel floats tend to sink (Gas Logged) over time there is a replacement float for around 25 Frosties.... That model you have should be right around 48-49 MPH GPS. There are tons of parts and upgrades available.

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    Gotcha...alright, thanks for the info...I will look into the pump and the float...In the meantime I will take it easy on 'er and avoid extended WOT runs...I will do a search for the pump install instructions...Shouldn't be too bad I hope...I am experienced working on cars (have built 5.0 Mustangs mostly) but haven't worked much on PWCs...My Yamaha was bought new so I didn't have to touch it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 83ssp View Post
    ... only 13 hrs according to the hour meter. Not sure I quite believe it but it looks it and I don't think the meter can be reset on the MFD.
    Those MFD hour meters can reset themselves. The exact parameters for doing so are unclear, but many MFDs show less hours than they should.
    Polaris has a mixed reputation in the PWC world.

    Some Polaris dealers got burned in the early days, when Polaris was working the wrinkles out of a new product line. Then when Polaris pulled out of the new PWC business, more dealers got upset with Polaris.

    The machine themselves are actually fairly reliable. You just need to ensure the updates, upgrades and maintenance items are properly attended to. Skip the checks and maintenance, and you won't be happy long term.

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