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    96 xp starting problem

    ok i put a new battery in my ski today its a 96 xp with a new engine put it last year with a high torque starter. Well i put the battery in and when i hit the start button and the starter engaged but it wouldnt turn over it was like the compression was too high. Ive never had this problem but i was checking all the wires and i noticed one of the ground wires going to the black electrical box is broken. Then i opened the black box up and some one the wires are corroded in it. All the main ground and positive wires are good. The book at the store said i have the right battery for my ski. I think im gonna clean up the corroded wires and replace the broken wire . Does any of that sound like it might be the problem? or not. I plan to do it anyway but anyother ideas what it might be????????

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    Yes, there is a decent chance cleaning up the corroded terminals will help.

    I had a flooded box in a 96 GSX that looked like this and it WAS recovered.

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