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    Places to Ride??

    I'm thinking of going upto crystal River, FL to ride pretty soon, has anyone been upthere?? can u ride upto the springs and anchor off and snorkel?? I have no ideas but pictures that I've seen online and that place looks beautiful. I want to stay there for about 2-3 days..any nice places to stay that aren't to expensive?? I live in central Florida so if u guys know of any nice places where I can ride and go for swims please let me know!

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    ?????Well I guess no help here???

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    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????

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    Crystal River...
    Yeah it's pretty nice over there, but I have never seen the area you are linked to. The area we were in was more of a deeper river, with various canals with homes on them, it's all pretty clear. My son got his diver's certification over there a couple years ago, and I went along. Yes, you can anchor a boat next to the springs and snorkel, I'm assuming you can do the same thing with a PWC, but you have to mind the manatee areas, I'm not sure how much of that waterway is restricted speed or no wake zones. I suggest calling a local dive shop for more info, they will know the waterways.

    Another nice area is the Silver River up in Ocala. They have a ramp on the river, I think it's off Highway 40, you can put in there and go right up into Silver Springs attraction, you can also stop and feed the monkeys along the way which were released many years ago when they filmed the old Tarzan movies there. This is mostly a small river with slower riding and heavily wooded, lots of trees and very beautiful. We have also taken our boat up the Oklawaha River from the South through the locks, north through the Silver River State Park that's pretty wild up in there and some big old gators too. Eventually you merge into the Silver River and the dark water of the Oklawaha meets the clear water of the Silver River it creates a line in the water that's hard to describe until you see it.

    Another nice run is from the High Banks Marina area near Deland, heading north on the St. Johns River up to a nice little spring called Silver Glen. This is a longer run, more of a full day I think, it's been several years since I was up there. If you check out the local section of this forum I'm sure you can find more info and maybe a group to ride with try here:
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    Hey man thanks for that imput that really helps! I like to scenic rides and especially swiming in beautiful waters thanks a mill.

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