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    1996 waveraider ?'s

    i recently became the proud owner of a 1996 yamaha waveraider, a gift from my father. i have a couple questions if anyone could please answer them.

    1.) it has both waveraider and waverunner 700 stickers on it, which is it?

    2.) i was riding the other day and it just quit while riding. no spit/sputter, just quit as if the shut off key was pulled. when i tried to start it would not even try, acted like the key wasn't in it. after pushing the start button about 15 times, i cranked up. it did this off/on for a while. then i rode again later on and it acted fine. has new battery and terminals are all clean and connected. any ideas?

    3.) is has an oil light on it but i got to looking and it is not hooked up. it is a pre-mix system. there are two plugs coming from behind the oil light but they are not plugged in to anything. inside the wiring harness, there is one plug that looks to fit one of the oil light plugs, but doesn't appear to have ever been hooked up. do i need to hook it up? thanks in advance

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    welcome to the forum.

    1.)Yamaha calls all of their personal watercraft "Waverunners". It is their trademark name . Just like Kawasaki calls their personal watercraft "Jetski"
    your particular model of Yamaha's Waverunners is the "Waveraider" line. They have different models.

    3.) it sounds like your oil sending unit is unplugged and the light is on due to the computer thinking the oil level is empty. You can probably find an oil sender and ziptie the floats in the "up" position to keep the light clear. Or I'm sure a resistor in the connector can help clear the light.

    Maybe a raider guru can help you with the oil sender issue. We have a few on this forum that are very helpful!
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    You can just cut the connector and join the two wires on the oil light together this will make the light think the tank is full.

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