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    Hard starting 750 sxi

    I bought a bone stock Kawi 750 SXI last summer so I could teach my kids how to ride a stand up. It ran great last summer but it was a little hard to start when cold. If you used the choke it would spin and eventually pop. Once it popped I'd turn the choke off and away I'd go. When warm it would start but took a awhile to warm up. When you went to step start it would stumble but not die. If you feather it i would go.
    Now it won't start unless I give it a blast of starting fluid.
    It seems to lose it's prime. Is there a check valve in the fuel line somewhere?
    Once it starts in runs great, idles etc.

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    I really wouldn't use starting fluid in a two stroke!!! You are robbing your engine of lubrication.

    Get a small squirt bottle and put some pre-mixed fuel in it and use that for "starting fluid."

    Do you have any idea how long it has been since that carbs have been rebuilt?? maybe its time to go through them.

    You might also consider a primer kit.

    Let us know how it comes out.


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    invest in a good carb primer kit there only about 30 bucks i had the same problem on my old 1100 zxi put a primer kit on it and it all went away. east installation too.

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    I know about primers. I'm trying to figure out why it won't start when it's warm, not just cold.

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    What kind of fuel are you using? If you're using ehtanol then that explains everything. Small engine manufacturers have been having a seriously hard time getting ethanol to work in their machines. If you're good on that one, then have you checked the sediment bowl for water?

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    Primer kits are easy to install and worked great on my 750 xir. Like the other guys said, check your filters, fuel, etc and IMO your low speed jetting is too lean.

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    I have a primer coming and will adjust the low speed jets. I'll post my results.
    Thanks for the advice.

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