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    gp1200 fuel + oil sensor troubles

    have a '97 gp12 that the previous owner converted to premix and yanked the oil sensor and junk. seems they just clipped the wires for the sensor b/c both halves of the wire coupler are intact with snipped wires. thats fine with me... however...

    the fuel and oil lights blink continously. based on the manual, it seems like jumping the leads on the oil wires should yield a 0-ohm condition and fool it into thinking its full... but that doesn't work.


    the fuel always blinks regardless of fuel level. the float inside the sender floats in water, and reads 783-ohm in the empty position, 5.5-ohm in the full --- seems to be correct (i might be backwards on the ohms, but regardless)...

    so am i looking at a set of new gauges or what? doesn't really bother me but will be selling soon and will be easier if all the loose ends are tied up.

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    Oil Sending Unit Ohms

    Since you are premix, I would solder in a resistor to the wires that reflects the proper OHM in the full position.
    Or, if you have the oil sending unit, reattach the oil sending unit and zip tie the floats in the "up" position.

    here is a fix done by hydrotoys for the GPR fuel sending unit. The GP sending unit is not much different than sending unit on the GPR.


    turn off oil Light for GPR

    for the GPR OHM reading on the oil sending unit

    with the floats in the UP position, it reads .4 OHMS [full]
    with the floats in the DOWN position, it reads 299.8 OHMS [empty]
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    sending unit

    I soldered the ends of the wires together and it measured 1k. It silenced the alarm and shows a full oil tank on the gauge of my 2000 XLL.

    Search .....
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    Thanks Keith for the pic
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    i'm trying to sort this out... but let me clarify a few things.

    on the OIL side, shorting the two wires together (i.e. same as soldering, connecting, etc) does NOT show full.

    on the FUEL side, the float floats, and the resistance on the wires is w/in spec according the manual based on float position.

    i can't quite figure out what hydrotoys did to his sender... is there a more comprehensive text than that thread to go along iwth the pics?

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    also, maybe someone knows something about this.

    the chimer (guessing this is what that red 2-wire round thing is on the handlebar) has NEVER beeped/chirped since i've owned it.

    is it possible to test this, or is it possible that the previous owner disabled this and as a side effect disabled fuel/oil sensors also???

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    an update, took the ski out today... shorting the oil leads did fix the oil warning. must have need the ski totally on and running for a while to reset the warning.

    still no fuel function though

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