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    Fuel system cleaner

    I'm thinking about using some Amsoil PI fuel system cleaner in my o7 GTX with78 hrs. Anybody care to comment?

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    I'm a fan of PI, but am baised

    First off, let me for the record state that as an AMSOIL distributor I am biased. The reason I am a distributor is that my experience with 2 cycle, 4 stroke, gas and diesel engines that their stuff works well.

    I was a commercial snow removal contractor in Rochester NY and spent 30 years in ice and snow, and (as can the rest of us on this site) attest to what happens when engines get gunked up. I have run AMSOIL's products in all of my equipment, and now do so in all my lawncare, boating and PWCs.

    I wrote a short piece on the PI product that talks about it. There are few products that will produce a safe and immediately observable result in the way engines run. This product does. The PI was recently reformulated and works even better.

    So in a roundabout way - theres my 2 cents.

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    Techron is the only product that PPG recommends for the fuel injected engines. Of course, it's not going to fix a failing fuel pump. AdvanceAutoParts has them 2-for-1 a few times a year. Use 1 ounce per gallon... Ron

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    Someone else found info and posted a while back that Techron was the only beneficial product we could add to our ski's fuel. It was back during one of the octane boost/fuel cleaner discussions over a year ago. Don't remember the evidence at the time but it seemed credible so I always try to fill the ski's up at a Texaco fuel store or add fuel cleaner with Techron.

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    Most of the guys on the Saabnet performance board recommend Techron in their turbo engines. But, most use it a few hours before they change the oil.

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