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    big problems. Help!

    alright guys. Ski was running great for july 4rth but got into some serious problems. Running fine then just bogged out on me horrible and would barely move. Then it would clear out alittle and just go like a bat out of hell. Checked the compression and it was perfect. Checked fuel lines and all looked good. Well got to be late and couldnt see so I parked it on the beach for the night. Woke up and ski was full of gas and oil mix.... Probably 6 to 8 gallons of fuel in the hull!! Got most of it out but i cant find the leak at all. Tank had pressure cause when i pulled my gas cap off it had air come out like always so i dnt think tank leak and see no scratches or nothing on it. gas lines all look to be perfect. found one small leak and fixed it hoping it was the problem. rode it and it felt like it was clearing its throught and starting to run better. Next morning hulll was full of fuel again.. almost half way up the flame arresters. got it out again and was trying to ride and look for a leak and no luck at all. It still wouldnt run good at all. it kept dieing on me. Then I guess the bendix went bad cause the starter is spinning but the bendix is not engaging at all. Voltage on starter is good and they said the load test was good at the marina but could it be something else besides the bendix cause its only been used this summer and it was brand new. Cranking amps not enough?? And why and how am I getting so much fuel in my hull. I think the gas and oil on the breathers is y it was running bad. Please help so many problems.

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    sounds like a Needle/seat is stuck open....this will flood the carb(s) and dump all the fuel out the inlet.....also flooding the motor potentially...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoostCrzy View Post
    sounds like a Needle/seat is stuck open....this will flood the carb(s) and dump all the fuel out the inlet.....also flooding the motor potentially...
    Ya that same thing happened to me about a month ago. I fill up the tank when it was on the trailer and the next morning there was about 4 gallons of gas in the hull. I had the carbs rebuilt and its not doing it any more. Mine was boggin down also until I got them rebuilt. Plus my airbox was not hooked up the hose which didnt help ethier.

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