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    RXP engine misfiring?

    Hey guys, I have a little problem that just started on my machine. It is a modified 2004 Rxp and has been running great so far this summer ( walked away from a new X in a race and I had 2 people on my machine ) but has developed a miss ( engine hesitation ) when I get around 5000-6000rpm's . The engine will run fine for very short bursts then there is just nothing, I changed the plugs and that didn't help.The old plugs looked fine, I recently had some water in it ( about 4in) due to a broken o-ring on the rear drain plug and I am wondering if that is causing some kind of electrical problem, but I also wondering if it could be the fuel pump? Any help would be appreciated.

    I just went out for another ride and it seems more like a surging problem than an actual misfire. Happens over 6000rpm and the rpm is jumping 300-500rpm when this is happening. Could it be a boost leak?
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