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    MSX 140 2003 factory-default maximum speed?


    I am interested in finding out what sort of top speed is expected for this watercraft with its factory configuration.

    In flat, bay water, the (somewhat inaccurate) speedometer goes as high as 60-61 when I ride WOT. I plan to borrow a GPS within the next few days to get a more firm idea of its current top speed.

    Is this result in line with the standard factory-default performance of the 2003 MSX 140? Any insight, as always, is greatly appreciated.


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    The 03 always seem to run between 58-59 MPH
    The 04 always seem good for about 61
    Getting on in age they may not be quite that fast anymore.

    There were a few hull changes as well as a different ride plate and of course they took out 35-40 pounds of hull material at the front end.

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