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    94 Yamaha VXR Pro

    I am pretty sure my starter is going bad. New battery, hit the button, just clicks in ctrl box. Hammering on starter and it will turn over. What is the best approach to remove/replace the starters in these crafts?

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    Welcome to the site you have a great easy to work sky. The best way is to take off the exhuast will make life easier.

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    I was able to remove both starter bolts and negative cable. Starter is still pretty tight. Is it okay to tap on it from the front side to dislodge? Any tricks on a PWC?

    My guess is its the original starter (the housing is completely rusted out)

    Where is a good place to buy parts for these older models?

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    starter removal VXR PRO

    What is the trick to get the starter out on a 94 VXR PRO?
    I have removed the exhaust ring but still do not have the clearance to remove the starter assembly

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    Do yourself a favor and remove the whole exhaust. It's not that hard and it will make things much easier.

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    That is the trick.... these are very easy when done correctly

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