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    Mechanics, Please Help Me

    hey all,
    took the 1996 waveraider 700 in the lake today and here is what happened:
    rode it about ten minutes, then it started to die. it NEVER spit or sputtered, just died. felt as if the kill switch key had been pulled.
    when i try to restart it does one of the following everytime:
    will start then just die or will continue to start and start and start but never crank over or lastly sometimes you can push the start button and all you hear is a clicking noise in the fuse box area (after pushing the start button about twenty times it will finally go back to trying to start and all the symptoms above start again)
    we checked for spark on the plugs and both will fire. we poured gas directly into the carb and it will start up but when it burns out, it dies. checked all connections and they seemed fine.
    please help guys, i am at a lost and can't afford $60 an hour at Yamaha. Thanks

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    You need to first take plugs out and with a compresion gauge see how much PSI your eng is putting out. What you are looking for is same reading with no more then 10% varience. This is to say if one you have 110PSI and the other 115 PSI your cool, but if one has 110 and the other 60 you need to open the head.
    If this is good time to inspect the carb as it may need to be rebuilt.

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    Yep I'd check fuel delivery filters and carbs.

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    The clicking sound you hear when you press the start button is the start cylinoid. If your hearing this but the bike is not turning over then you either have a dead battery, bad ground, or starter problems.
    It almost sounds like a bad ground...which would cause both problems....if the bike looses ground the ignition doesnt fire and the bike dies. This would also not let the starter turn over. Intermittent problems like that could simply need the ground tightned up(motor side).

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    i hooked it up to the water hose and let it idle for 30 minutes and everyhing worked perfectly. i then took it back to the lake and it drove fine with just me for about 10 minutes. i then hooked up a rope and tube with one rider.
    the exact second the ski tugged on the rope is when it shut off. it didn't drag not even a foot, just shut down. then it would not start back until several tries later, but only for a few seconds then died. any ideas?

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