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    Wtb 98 Yamaha Exciter Engine 1130 Cc 135 Hp

    The engine blew in my neighbors boat. I think an oil line came off and compression is gone in two cylinders as well as metallic stuff on plugs. Would perfer a factory direct or factory rebuild with warranty. If it is used, it would have to be in great shape and a steal.

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    SBT does this plus they give you credit for your core. Rebuilding would be my preffered method for a fix.

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    My 1999 exciter did the same thing last summer...I rebuilt the top end for with 84.5 bore and wiseco pistons for around $500.00 but I did all the labor myself...Go to you can call carl for all your machine work and parts...They are very simple motors minor mechanical knowledge needed...

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    when u loose an oil line you put the crank bearings in jeopardy also then add the metal from the piston! A full rebuild is def best! PS these motors are still available from Yamaha! check

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    That all depends on how bad the damage is...My case new top end was fine...

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    I agree when I say full rebuild that means a tear down and crank inspection is a good decision not necessarily a new or rebuilt crank!

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    There was metal shavings on two of the plugs. I think I'd rather get a longblock with a warranty than have it built, but that's just me

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