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    intake grate problem

    can someone post pics of the installed riva intake grate mine looks like its hanging below the hull alittle and im not sure if its supposed to be like that

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    The rear of the grate is an 1/8th of an inch below the hull?

    normal....shouldn't be....but it is.

    There is a fix for "truing riva grate".

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    It's normal. The Riva grate on the RXT hangs way down. The RXP fits a lot nicer.My Riva grate hung down lower then my stock grate. I had to do a lot of grinding to get the Riva grate as close as I could to true to the ride plate. You just have to put some work into the Riva grate to get it close.

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    do u think that 1/8th of an inch will slow me down?

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    ...consensus....says, yes.

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    Can you post a pic? Just wondering how it compares to my Riva grate I just installed last week. Didn't really notice if it "hung down" lower than the hull/ride plate or not.

    I'm outta town on business till Thurs. or else I'd take a pic and post mine for you to comment on.

    -=Mike G.

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    Sand down the mating surface.

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    Oh wow! Yeah.. that's crazy! Would def. cost some speed. Not sure how much, but some for sure. I would think that even if you used a grinder and tapered that edge at a 45% angle or something. Jawz knows better than me so... curious as to what other people do about it.

    I will say my Riva RXP-X grate fits 100% smooth with a very small gap between it and the ride plate and/or hull in the front. A little "Right Stuff" filled in that tiny gap. They must have improved with the new grate.

    I thought you were talking about the actual grate hanging down (like the "wing" or something).

    -=Mike G.

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    Be sure to scrape the factory silicone off the hull. This will make the grate not swit true. Also, run a bead of 100% silicone and smooth around the grates contact points

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