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    No beep, 2008 speedster 215 SC


    I went to check the fuel quantity in my boat before to go on the water and guess what. No beep for the DESS key at all. I can't check the gas quantity. I switched the radio to on to see if the battery is ok and yes, I have power. I tried to start the engine and no success at all. After that, I cleaned the key and the DESS contact with an eraser with no success.

    What can be the problem ?

    I want to go boating today (Sunday) but the dealer is not open. Can I do something or I will be stuck at home without boat because of a ****ing DESS key ?


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    Try your learning key.

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    Happened to me and they had to replace the whole post and assembly. Have them check it out and if it's throwing errors replace the whole thing.

    It would be "dead" for a while then work fine, then suddenly die and leave us dead in the water with no beep then 20mins later would start and work fine. Best to replace then be stranded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdaddyRXP View Post
    Try your learning key.
    Not sure but I don't think the sport boats come with one anymore (at least my 2008 Speedster 150 didn't).

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    I don't have a learning key.

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    I tried my key today (monday) and it worked fine the second time. First time, I got a code saying check engine with no beep. The second time I got 2 beep and the engine start when I touched the engine start button.

    Thanks armand28... I think I will follow your advise.
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    I just want to let you know that the dealer changed the engine control module (fuse box in the engine compartment) to fix the problem.

    My dealer checked the DESS post but it was serviceable. They made me one new key too.

    My Speedster is alive again and ready to be back on the water.
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    No beep again today (Sunday). I didn't have a chance to try it in the water. Just before to put the boat in the water I tried the key in. No beep. No ****ing beep again.

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    I'm telling you it sounds like what I had and replacing the whole DSS post and giving me a new key is what fixed it. Best of luck.

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