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    Okay, so who has info on......

    The new Camaro that's supposed to be released next spring? All the info on it seems to be few and far between, or old. Nothing new seems to have been released regarding it. Any article I have read on it as of late simply says it's going to be a "must have". I want more damnit!!!

    Reason I ask is I was out picking up some groceries today and saw a guy with a new Dodge Challenger R/T. Car looked sweet and sounded good too. Didn't like his choice of color though, gunmetal.

    So I decided to see what Dodge is offering in the Challenger to see if that may hint at what Chevrolet will do with the Camaro to compete. Challenger has 3 options: SE with a 3.5L V6 SOHC making 250HP, R/T with a 5.7L Hemi making 370HP, and the SRT with a 6.1L hemi making 425HP. Last article I read on the Camaro said Bob Lutz said it would come in 3 models: a base V6 starting at close to $20K and is rumored to make close to 300HP and have displacement on demand technology, a Z28 model with the L76 engine currently used in the Pontiac G8 GT with the base model starting at around $27K, and a SS model with the 6.2L Corvette engine rumored to make anywhere from 400-500HP and starting between $40-45K. I really hope those prices hold true. I kind of doubt it though.

    It just seems it has been hushed up the past few months. I was at the Detroit Auto Show back in January and there wasn't much buzz around it. Yea there was some, but not like I had expected from all the talk of it the year or two before. Maybe it's because GM is taking too long getting it to market? Anyways, I heard it was in test trials at Nuremburg recently. Any info from that? I also heard it was going to be released in Austrailia before the States.

    I just want to see it in show rooms so I can sit in it and dream.

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    personally i think the challenger looks better....they had a concept camaro in the movie transformers

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    To each their own, but I'm a GM kinda guy. I think the Camaro is HOTT.
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    I am thinking the way GM stocks have tanked, they better start thinking of ways to avoid bankruptcy. But here is an idea release the Camario with a 400hp engine and let it get 30+ mpg.

    I have bought my first non-GM vehicle since 99.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctriverguy View Post
    Hmm, that's backwards from what I read in Motor Trend, but that's fine. MT said the SS was going to have 500 HP or so and the Z28 was going to have 400 HP max. Same difference though.

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    Funny how one concept car in a movie can become true... At least last I heard they were still making it.

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    I saw a black one today on Atlantic..I was like WTF?? I thought they came out next year.. Beautiful...

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    The camaro does look sharp but I am a ford guy and my GF just bought an 07 Shelby Mustang GT, and its the bee's nee's, hopefully i cant get some pics up in the next couple of days.

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    It is a beautiful car, there will always be a market for high horsepower gas guzzling vehicles.

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