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    Ok the noobie DID search..still have a question

    Ok, so first off I did search! I'm an big forum user ( & and very handy with a wrench too

    I have an off idle issue with my 2001 GP 800R- it has 53 hours on it. Im the orginal owner and its never been in anything but fresh water with obsesive flushing after each use.

    I THINK I have a powervalve issue after searching....but not quite sure never had to mess with any of my PWC's (all yamahas) that much aside from maintence.

    The craft was running perfectly fine as it always has since new. The wifey-poo did a hard fishtail turn into chop. Then lost all top end. The craft would only do about 15 MPH.

    I hopped on, it will have one full throttle application and just as you get to about 35MPH or get on plane it bogs down, stalls, sometimes has a hard restart then only will do about 15MPH.

    The engine runs FINE out of the water... will tack up to redline and sounds healty.

    I checked the obvious at the dock and once I got it back into my garage. The intake grate was clear, the impeller looks fine for 53 hours a few small knicks, the impeller housing looks just as good as my 32 hour VX110.

    I pulled the ride plate and intake grate down the impeller shaft doesn't spin free of the impeller or drive from the engine so I don' think the splines are stripped.

    I pulled the plugs they were fouled even after a recent start of the season replacement. I replaced them with the orginal NGK's as always. Pulled the flame arrestor the choke valves were not bound or stuck the barrels of the carbs where nice a clean.

    I topped off with fresh fuel and dropped it in the local river (not much fun there) and it does the same thing. Topps out at 4,000 RPM and s#*t stalls, and lacks power.


    Seeing as it runs fine and sounds healthy out of the water I am thinking maybe it is a power valve issue? I mean I think if it was ignition, carb or fuel delivery I would see it out of the water too? But I am not savy with PV operation or PV servo application.

    The question is do the P.V.'s (powervalves) work off idle (mid range) over 4,500 RPM?

    I pulled back the rubber boot and watched-the servo actuator opens the powervalves at start up for a second or so. The powervalve shafts move.

    The servo doesn't move again until I squeeze the throttle to WOT then the shafts move again to what appears 1/2 servo turn=wide open PV application?

    Does this sound like the PV's are working? if so any ideas?

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    Ok just double checked no PV servo action in what seems to be mid throttle action.. any suggestions for further fault tracing?

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    Sounds like your carbs are clogged.

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    If your not doing something, its hard to screw up. stlouisramsfan's Avatar
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    Powervalves open at approx 5000 rpms...
    when the motor stops watch the valves... should open then close....this cleans them... watch the coupling, make sure both sides of the coupling moves together (that means both pv should be opening)... Its a start, one of the guru's will have more for ya....

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    welcome to the forum

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    Sounds similar to a problem I had with my gp800 a few years back. Rebuilding the carbs solved my problem.
    It would get up to @30 mph and then start "missing". It just felt like the power wasn't there and that it was struggling to keep going. It got worse over time.

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    Soo I checked

    Ok so I checked the powervalve midshaft that joins both powervalves. It moves and both PV move with servo actuation. During shut off the PV swipes briefly aftershutoff.

    So I guess it isn't a powervalve issue.. maybe it is carb secondaries or diaprams on the fuel pump being brittle or creased not suppling fuel? Hmmm.. I guess its at least time for a rebuild... couldn't hurt after 53 hours. Is that about the normal life expectency on carb rebuilds?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Had the exact same problem with my 2001 GP1200R. CatCon was busted and ran down my exhaust. I don't think you have a catcon, but you might want to check your exhaust system if the PV's are ok.

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    had the same problem on my Raider years back. Check your reeds.

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    01' ski with 53 hours=gunked up carbs, that's my bet.

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