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    new seadoo to me

    hello everyone. i just recently ran into a very good deal and couldnt pass it up. i got a 1989 seadoo sp(i think), a 1997 seadoo spx, and a double trailer. the problem is i have a 94 polaris sl 750 that is on a single trailer. i was just wondering what a 89 seadoo sp on a single trailer would be worth. it will be gone completly over before it is sold and it will be running. where can i get parts for this? any help would be appreciated.

    thanks for the space

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    Well im not sure of the answer but
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    1989 is a funny year - first year of this run of PWCs by Seadoo.

    In a depreciation sense and by, the boat can't be worth more than $1000 - less if it isn't in mint shape.

    But for the enthusiast, this is also become a vintage boat, a classic if you will. Then you could command a higher price for it under the old-school banner. This angle won't fly with an average buyer who just wants a PWC for cheap.

    Engine and driveline parts are still available. The hull parts are difficult to find and you'll spend quality time on the classified or ebay looking for little bits and pieces if you are staying OEM or close to stock.

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    everything is in good shape. it just has no spark. ive been trying to find a new cdi box but im having trouble locating one and there is not a whole lot of info on this year anywhere i have looked. what years is it compatible with and so on.

    thanks for the help

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