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    GP1200r Carb Removal Issues, Help Asap please! TY

    Hey guys how is it going... im in the middle of trying to rebuild my carbs on my gp1200r but i am having trouble taking them off. I have done it on my friends ski, and know the process... but my bolts are really rusted. The 4 allen key bolts are almost impossible to get out, despite the fact that i cant seem to get a solid grip with my allen key set with the fear of stripping them. The person before me obviously didnt keep good care of his ski and many of the bolts are rusted. I have tried rust buster, and liquid wrench corrosion buster... but it hasnt done the trick. I am afraid that if i keep going at them with my allen key they will either strip... or i will snap my allen key from the pressure (not that i care about the tool). I dont have a metric allen key socket set for my rachet so i havent tried that yet. Any suggestions would be wonderful, i have been stuck here for days with no one to help me and i cant get it out of my mind. It has got me in such a bad mood, i have already had to drill out one bolt and broke another earlier in the week.

    Thanks for your help.
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    deep creep from autozone, but for sure use the metric allen socket with an extension, sears has the whole set for 20 or 30. thats is the only way your getting it off and probably will not need any spray

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    Maybe he loctited them in, a little heat from a heat gun can help with this.

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    I would invest in a good set of metric allen wrenches, either the socket type or the T handle. Using the standard wrench increases the risk of stripping the heads. All the bolts on these things are metric.

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    i had this problem on my ski as well......i ended up having to grind the heads off the allen bolts and just replaced them....mine were stripping from corosion... die grinder really made short work of them for me...

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    Mine did the same thing. My buddy had to use a chizzle and a hammer. He chizzled into the left side of the bolt and broke it loose. I dont know how he did it but it worked.

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