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    Sludge in cylinders

    Sorry posted to wrong area. Can a moderator move this? First post on site.

    I have a 93-96 Polaris 650, had it for years and years sitting around the yard. A shop worked on it once to clean it up stuff and it ran great. Now it has sat for another 7 years or so...

    It turns over but never wants to start. We pulled the cylinder heads off to clean some sludge we saw on the spark plugs and found that all three cylinders were filled with this orange / white sludge. There's tons of it in the system. We cleaned as much as we could turning it over till it stop spewing the stuff. Then put the engine back together. Turned it over a few times and looked under the plugs and it's all back.

    I have attached some pictures to explain. Any ideas on what has happened or what needs to be done to clean it up?

    The first pic is the 3rd cylinder prior to cleaning. The second pic shows the other two and the first cleaned.
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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    You can download the 1992-1998 Service Manual here.

    You need to know what the condition of the crankshaft is under those pistons. If that sludge is from water sitting in the crank case, then that orange stuff is rust, and the crank shaft needs to be rebuilt.

    Can you show us what the crank shaft looks like?

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    Crank.... haven't had the engine apart that much yet. I'll have to look through the manuals and see about pulling it all apart. Last time it was in the shop I was told I would one day have to replace the crank shaft at some point. Don't remember the exact reason now.

    I guess I'll do some reading and pull it apart and get some pics.

    Thanks for the reply.

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    why do I see water on some parts? did u try to start this with the hose hooked up? the goo looks like some form of cyl protection ? and I don't see any signs of rust on the cyl's? also why is there so many leaves in there? was the seat on the whole time? was rain ever allowed to fill the hull?
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    I have pulled the engine, there is no rust. The seat has been off overnight at times, but rain never filled the hull. The craft is actually a 93 SL750.

    What kind of pic would you like of the crank shaft? I have the cylinders removed, but not the crank fully exposed. Should I be pulled the crank right out?

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