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    Exclamation 95 slt750 water trouble

    My uncle left the clean out hose on for 20 mins with the engine NOT running. He filled the cylinders with oil after he found out he flooded the engine. I pulled the heads and carbs off and cleaned. Now it just cranks and cranks. It will fire and run for about 10 seconds and then quit. Is it possible the reeds got wet and are ruined or maybe water under the piston or something?

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    Was it cranked with fluid (water or oil) inside and the spark plugs still installed?

    You need to check the crank index (do a search) for possible hydrolock damage, and maybe pull the reeds off the crankcase to see if they are damaged.

    How long was the water left inside the engine crankcase? Oil floats on top of water, so the water would sit under the oil in the crankcase, if it was left in there.

    Rust in the crankcase is a bad thing, as the bearings will fail in short order once they have started to rust, even if you then get them dry and oiled, the rust damage will still accelerate the bearing failure.

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