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    Why does the DSS have to beep all the time??

    I have a 155 speedster and it would be nice sometimes to be able to leave the DSS on and hit the stop button and sit for a minute before starting it again without the darn thing beeping every 3 seconds!!! You would think they could have had it beep like every 20 seconds as a reminder instead. I don't suppose there is anyway to bypass it??

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    Not really, short of physically cutting the wires to its little speaker, but that would be a bad idea, as you wouldn't get other important warnings. Some place a bit of tape over the speaker holes to turn the volume down.

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    Tape over the hole was my only option keeping me from ripping the annoying piezo out from under the dash! I can still hear it but the people 10 miles away can't!
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    My DSS is clipped the the steering wheel so I just unplug it all the time.

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    I guess I should go look first before replying, but where are the speaker holes??

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    Speaker is under the wheel/console in the center. If you pull out the plastic storage look straight down you can see the speaker from the back and the wires.

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