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Thread: powervalve help

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    powervalve help

    Well I have 85 hr on the ski. Powervalves were oked by dealer tech at 45 hrs. Compression was ok last year when shop installed ride plate, intake grate, pp kit, solas prop and new wear ring. Got on the water for 5 min and the powervalve controller failed, good wanted to replace them anyhow.

    Order Riva Gas valves, D plate and free flow. Upon tare down (you know where this is going) well only 1 shinny arc on front valve. Looks like it just started to wear. So the question now is to continue teardown or can I run the ski with piston as is. How hard is it to pull the heads and cylinders? Oh yeah the axel on the trailer broke also. friggin money pit I will try pics but I am scared that the camera or laptop will break next. thank you all for the help

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    some pics
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    Good news is eveyrthing is in one piece and not embeded in your piston. This was rubbing on the ring I would at least pull the head and have a look at it. You might just be lucky and not have any galling on that cylinder.
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    So if I am going to pull the head. I might as well just pull the cylinder and do new rings also? And probably pistons too. I have not found the "how to" for this.
    I know what most of you will say. Bore it, Riva head, go 1300, do it all the way, I just want to get back on the water.

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    What is the compression now ?

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    If you just want to get it back on the water quickly, just pull the head. You only have 85 hours on it, if it looks good, bolt the head back on and you're good to go.

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    thanks for replys
    Did not do comp check before I started and the valves are out so I can't get comp now. Shop said it was ok but low for 85 hrs last year. So the head is coming off to check and then will decide on pistons or just rings. I just didn't want to go this far but while its apart fix it.
    Switching to premix amsol as you all have said.
    Should or do I need to check reeds at 85 hrs. The carbs look very scary to work on.
    Thanks again
    This site is a never ending source of info.
    Is the a copy of the shop manual available on here.

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    Is there any other thoughts???

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    Manual is in the how to section. I would definitely do Rings. Piston Kits with rings run around $100 ea put new wrist pin bearings in while you are at it. I run only OEM or Pro-X pistons watch out for off brands.

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    I have heard the Wisco brand but not the Pro-x. Is Riva the best place to order them? And I guess they have the needed gaskets and thread lock also. The closest shop here on the Outer Banks is like 90 miles away. And now I get to work outside in this darn tropical depression. When it rains it pours.
    Oh yeah I forgot to say. Heads off and the pistons all look good and I can still see the crisscross hone marks on the bore but time was tight. So I get some pic this evening.
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