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    Carb rebuild help

    Okay rebuild my carbs have a few questions.

    First. I lost the little clear check off vlavle plastic thing that goes on the back of the cover of the jets. Is the old one fine or should i get a new one.


    Do i put the paper gasket first and then ruber or just ruber. When i took it off it did not have a paper gasket.

    3rd. I cant find the pdf of the manual, Does some one have it saved in there cookies so they can find it faster looked for like half hour cold not find it

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    Thanks in advnace, Oh and here is my little work shop i set up.

    The carbs i pulled apart were pretty dirty too and needle and seat had the little marks on them.

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    Louise just the black rubber diaphragm is all that you use. the kits are multi fit you do not need the other pieces. see the diagram that came with the kit use the instruction for the super bn 44 on the right.

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    Okay will do, That what i thought but was not positve, Also what you think i should do about the Number 12 on the sheet, Check valve thing. Thing is tinny as hell lol cant find it on my floor. Should i just order some new ones onley like 1.13 just time to get them.

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    look hard through the package are you sure you dropped it? those little bastards always stick to the package or in the instruction sheet. Yes you should replace. I can send you one, but maybe it will get lost in the envelope J/K I have several of them I ordered them extra just for reasons like this.

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    I have been sure I was shorted more than once on a part that was hidden in the kit

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    No, I def lost it, I saw it fall to the floor and disapear lol.

    Also one last question, Were that big sheet of plastic goes that goes on top of the part i showed above. Does it go ruber plastic ruber. Or just plastic then ruber. In the instruction thing it shoes ruber plastic ruber, but when i took it apart it was that o ring, plastic ruber.

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    I'm in the process of rebuilding as well. I did go with the rubber-plastic-rubber as listed in the instructions. This did match the carb's assembly order or gasket stack up that I have.

    Although, the instructions that came with my genuine Mikuni kits didn't have the extra detail exploded view that the instructions attached in this thread had. The instruction here included the note about the difference between late and early 44's that had a slightly different gasket, o-ring combination.
    Did you finish? Does it run better?

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