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    Upgrade aluminum pump body to plastic?

    I have a 1992 sp that has a few good size chips in the pump veins. Has any one replaced the old style pump body with the new one ? I'm thinking of swapping out just the body and will try to use the same nozzle. From what I can tell they look the same, The studs on the hull should be long enough for the larger ears. Water and siphon looks ok. The one thing I see is the old aluminum nozzle has about .020 gap between the ears and the ears on the newer plastic pump, and I will need longer bolts.
    Any help is appreciated.

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    Its alot cheaper on new Ski and you dont have enough HP to be a problem so I would say doit. not sure wih something that old. Im sure you can find a complete pump and nozzle on Ebay for what half would cost from a dealer

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    I have the pump stator and prop from a wrecked ski.

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