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    Jet ski camping trip

    Just got back from a 4 night camp trip to Prinville. We go every year and float our gear to the beach and set camp next to the water.

    I got to play with 2 new yammy SHO's. The owner lived in the area. Altitude around 3800 ft. I come from Portland around 80 ft. My RPM's were down from 8150 to 7700. I could still pull them out of the hole and on top end as well.

    The guy (Mike) had bought 2 black SHO's a was letting his friends ride one as he rode the other. They were all newbies. They only had 2 hours on them. The sad thing was the owner of the SHO's colided with his other ski as one of his friends was riding. Small amount of damage to both and no one got hurt they were lucky.

    A quick question We ran out of Super gas a ran a tank of regular. I noticed that at an idle I could hear a small intermittant knocking. Could this predentonation? caused by the regular fuel?



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    by the way 04 RXP with riva air intake and grate. Any body?

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