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    2001 Virage Propulsion Nozzle

    So a friend gave me a 2001 Virage this week. The Propulsion Nozzle is broken and when I was removing it I twisted off one of the 12 inch x 5/16" bolts. Then while trying to drill out the bolt, I poked through the pump housing (the puncture is on the outside of the housing -- not in the water jet path).
    The price was right so I'm not complaining; I just need some parts/repair tips.
    So I'm in the maket for a pump housing, the nozzle and a bolt. I posted in the Classified section but...
    1. Is there a source that sells these items used at a reasonable price?
    2. I'm not really planning to do any performance mods but if the price isn't much different from buying these parts new, I'm open to suggestions.
    4. Are these parts interchangable with parts from other manufactures?
    3. On the housing, what do you think of filling the bolt hole with epoxy or JB weld to repair the hole in the housing then drilling it out and re-taping the threads?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Call John Zigler and replace the unit, you'll spend hours trying to remove that damn broken bolt. When you install it, make sure to use a little grease and proper torque.
    The units are virtually the same from 96 on but may require different mounting hardware.

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    Forgive my ignorance, who's John Zigler and how do I get in tough with him?

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