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    Ultra dies suddenly

    My ultra 250 will loose all power; electric power and abrupt stoppage of the engine occaisionally and sometimes it will start back and sometimes not. You end up swimming the machine back to shore. It happens at the time of hitting a big wave (shock) with the hull. This has ruinned two vacations and so far the dealership can't figure it out and the warranty is about to expire. Anyone else seen this or maybe point me in the write direction?

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    Check battery terminals and make sure they are tight. Also check all the quick disconnect plugs. Unplug them and replug them.

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    This has happened to us and another person I know. We have found that the Fuse harness can be bad. We have had to make our own to bypass this issue.

    Tell the dealer to rewire the fuse plug and try that. Worked for me on our unit.

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    we have had a few tech tips on this one. Put your spare fuse in and see if the prob goes away. Buss had a run of cracked fuses

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    The dealer coordinated with Kawasaki warranty reps and they ended up replacing the Battery, Immobilizer, and the Wire Harness. I have since tested the machine and believe its fixed. I have to put some more hours on the machine in order to regain confidence that In won't get stranded anymore.

    Thanks for your inputs.

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    Glad you/they have located the problem... I was right on with the battery connections.. that would be where i would go first. Once you get stranded you do get a bad tast in your mouth..."like can i trust this thing again?"Sounds also to me that they replaced everything that they could to get you on the water again.
    Best of luck to you and let us knoiw how it works out!

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