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    well another "fun" almost sunk the GTX!!

    FINALLY got to go ridin yesterday. it was nearly a perfect day temp in the lower 80/s the water was a lil more choppy than I like but almost a perfect day for it.
    GTX was hard to get started ,I always start them on the trailer right before we leave since I'm only 5 minutes from the ramp. anyway I ended up having to charge the battery on it got it started so it was good to go.
    my lil xp fired up with in a few cranks so it was good to go too.
    get to the lake put the skis on the water and get the couch off the trailer dock it get the xp off dock it wife fires up the gtx and it's running a lil rough so she starts off towards the lake mine meanwhile is NOT starting so here I'm floating around the ramp cranking and cranking......... I'm thinkin WTF!! so I pull the choke and I feel the cable go slack....oh crap the chokes are stuck!! so I look over at the wife and she's heading if it was just me on the ski I would have pulled the seat right there and un-stuck the choke but my youngest was on there with me so I got the ski back to the dock, I kept cranking every few seconds and finally got the ski back to the dock and got the chokes unstuck....whew!!!

    we rode for about an hour and a half then beached them for a break and to let the kids go were sitting there on the skis I noticed the GTX was sitting a lil low in the water but the wife was sitting on it and she has gained a lil in the weight so I didn't really think about it till later....
    ok we decided time to go get some lunch try to leave and the GTX is acting up again rough starting but finally goes I talked wifey into letting me ride solo so I can play a lil bit.
    get back to the dock and go eat, I decided to go check the plugs inthe gtx since I adjusted the oil pump and I go open the seat and find the hull is half full of water!!! it's almost up to the top of the battery!!!!AAARRRGGGHHH!!! oh yeah at this point I find out that there is a loose plug wire so that's why it was hard to start...I run and get the burb put the trailer in the water and get the GTX start it and idle to the trailer load up the xp and go home

    get home look at the carbon ring and accordian boot and something doesnt look right the hose clamp on the carbon ring is in the wrong place,
    it was on the end of the ring not the flange so it wasn't holding pressure against the stainless ring soooooo....LEAK! I moved the clamp down and flood the hull no leaky!!!!! I pulled the boot back enough to let it leak and water does leak out so I figured I got it fixed, I also ran the ski for a few seconds on the hose to make sure it wasn't leakiing somewhere else and it was good to go!!!

    cliff notes:
    went riding perfect day temp was in the lower 80's water slightly choppy
    got choke hung up on xp found out choke cable is messed up
    GTX was hard to start due to plug wire not all the way on
    flooded the gtx due to missplacement of hose clamp
    thought "here we go again how much is this gonna cost me!"
    fixed the clamp issue and plug wire
    gonna try to fix choke cable today
    now I'm in a better mood since I dont have to spend any money on parts ...yet.....
    can't go riding again till at least next week.... both skis have less than 1/4 tank and gas will probably go up a few more times before then...

    oh yeah got hit in the back of the head
    hint::: if the wife reads over your shoulder don't post about her weight gain...(rubs back of head)

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    nice same problem mine is leaking around carbon ring and flange

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    When your wife reads what you said about her weight you wont be able to ride with broken legs LOL

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