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    93 xp finger throttle question

    since I have lost one of the pins that hold the thumb throttle in I was thinking of going to a finger throttle,
    here's the question.
    do they make an adaptor for the cable end to fit a larger diameter end?
    what I'm looking to do is I have a bunch of old school brake levers the old three finger style the bmx bikes had on them, and the only thng keeping me from using one of them is the brake cable end is larger than the throttle cable end.
    and incase your wondering I have already test fit a couple different ones and they would work thru the entire throttle range plus they're adjustable. so is there any type of adaptor? more or less I need to go from o to O....
    or am I looking at fabbing one up?

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    Fab one up...shouldn't be hard. Use a piece of brass tubing with the wall thickness you need and make it a sleeve. Cut a slot 2/3 the way down the sleeve but wide enough for the throttle cable to fit and move free and cleanly and give it a try. Just hope the bmx handle is built tough enough to handle your weight when your hands are on the bars and spinning from chop feedback. I've seen some well built OE levers break with 3 foot chop being put agains them.

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    hey never thought of that I have some copper tubing around the house that might work if not I might be able to find some brass.

    and if I do break it no biggie I have a few of them laying around...probably get my butt chewed out if any of those vintage bmxers find out what I'm going to use the levers

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