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Thread: gas in oil

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    gas in oil

    ok here my problem i beleive there may be gas in my oil not sure though course i changed the oil and theres new spark plugs in it went out and rode it for the day got back and the oil is over the full mark on the dipstick so it went up more then half on the stick and i dont under stand why any help would be greta thanks

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    Did you get anywhere near an Ultra 250....?

    Sorry I have never experienced that problem... I have a feeling you may have simply overfilled it with too much oil, it's a common problem. Take some out and make sure you follow the OEM method for oil adjustment;
    to add oil on mine per manual you have to get engine warm, then while it's sitting LEVEL in the water, you add a LITTLE oil then start and run engine for 60 seconds, stop engine and check the stick. Repeat as needed but only adding a little at a time, it comes up really quick on the stick.
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    i dont think that the case i have done all the same steps i have always done on changin the oil and if its on the half way mark its on the half way mark ya know what i mean but either way it still would not explain why the oil is damn near clear now and not a brownish color and also why does it have a gasy smell to it

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    I would use an oil boy or something similar and pull the oil and let it sit for a while to see if it seperates a little more. The gas should seperate and move to the top of the oil. Then you should be able to pull some fluid off the top and smell if there is gas in it. Have you searched on gas in oil in the Kawi section to get some more info on determining if there is actually gas in the oil?

    Also, gas half way up the stick on the trailer is defferent than half way up the stick in the water. I assume you are checking the oil in the water after running the ski to get it warm and then letting it sit for 30 seconds?

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    reviving an old thread here....25 hrs on mineral oil ...smelled gas odor,had oil tested,ANA said there is definetly more fuel than there should be(used oil was at 20W viscosity)....modes are at signiture below....anyone else having this problem??

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    yep, I noticed fuel dilution of the oil from day one. been changing my oil every 25 hours because of this, filter every other oil change.

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