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    drive shaft spares

    hi guys im new to the forum and pretty new to the sport so bear with me please i have a gp1200r a 2000 model which has lost its drive due to i think wear on the drive shaft splines which i have removed however im told that the intermediate shaft may also be worn do i have to remove the engine to gain access to this part? also i have been quoted approx 600 GBP for the shafts alone does anyone know of anywhere cheeper or is this the going rate?
    thanks inadvance guys for any help.

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    In order to get the intermediate shaft out you have to take the bolts off the motor to the motor mounts and slide the engine forward about 2-3 inchs. If you are looking for a new shaft or intermediate shaft hit up the classified's on GH and im sure you will find better prices and better people. If you dont find any there just start a new thread. Good luck.

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    Hi Waylander. I did the same job last year on my XLT. Easy to get to the bearing housing with motor pushed forward, Ditch the bearings and get a good set of replacements from a local bearing factor. I found SKF for about £60 for the whole lot (3 in the inter housing and 2 in the drive shaft/pump housing). I got the seals from USA, but got stung for import duty and VAT, so would have been as cheap from UK dealer! I also got the shafts from USA, and paid around £120GBP each. If you order anything from the States, get the sender to declare the package as 'USED CAR PARTS, VALUE $60'. Customs may well overlook it, or not bother with it at that value . It doesn't always work, but it has for me most times! Don't even think about doing the driveshaft without the intermediate, especially if the ski's been in saltwater. If you are in UK (I guess you are from the prices you quote), try Preben Jetski on 01704 891555 for shafts, as he told me he has non-genuine ones' for around £135 (at least he said he had last time I spoke to him!). If you can get the parts from USA without Her Majesty getting her greedy mits on them via Customs, then it's always cheaper, even with the postage, but it's always hit and miss! I've saved hundreds over the past couple of years, but I've had a few parts that I've had to pay duty and VAT on! By the way, download the manual from GreenHulk and it'll show you all the settings for the bearings etc. Good luck. Feel free to P.M. me if you need any more help!

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