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Thread: mechanical VTS

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    mechanical VTS

    anybody ever put a mechanical VTS on the xp limited. i am tired of going through VTS modules. this is getting expensive. what kind of suggestions do you guys have?

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    On your previous modules, have you looked at this info. I know your looking to go manual but may be worth looking at to fix/troubleshoot the ones you have.

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    ensure the rubber boot isn't split and that the clamp is a plstic one not metal..

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    rubber boot is okay and i have the plastic clamps vice the metal ones that reportedly rip the boot. also, my first one cracked around the edges of the epoxy and i think that is how moisture got in. second i am not sure what happened. just went bad after two rides with it. i was thoroughly pissed about that one. 200.00 down the tube. anyway, i think mechanical would be more effective and less of a hassle.

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    how can you make it manual???

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    Use the trim adjuster from a 2004 3D.

    Its a screw knob that raises or lowers the nozzle at the back of the ski,you cant adjust it on the fly but once you set it, forget it.

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