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    WTB 95 650 Bearing Carrier

    Sold my extra to ParaMuir and low and behold took her out this weekend and she leaks bad. Anyone have a trust worthy spare that doesn't leak that they are willing to part with?



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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    I assume you tried greasing it?

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    yep, after riding its a soupy mess of water and grease. Hopefully someone will come up with one. It was the first time out with the 650 after all the work we did this winter Kevin, She hauls a$$. My brother in-law loved it. I rode the Pro mostly but we were on Mullet Lake in Northern Michigan. 3-4 foot waves and we were getting some serious air! Once my sister gets me the pics I'll post some. Going back in a couple of weeks so I need the bearing family is counting on me. Oh ya my 62 year old Dad rode it for about an hour in calmer water and loved it as well.

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    I have brand new ones for $60 plus ship. I know you're looking for a cheap used one but you can keep this in mind.

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