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    code FI

    In this week run my PWC a few minute to 67mph turn on the LED and send in a panel FI code. I reset the panel and run agian to few minute to 28-35mph. Not have a problem after than. I check this code in a owner manual and said return to dealer. My PWC do not have a warranty. I need help to find the problem.

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    I see this is your first post. Did you just get the ski? If so, you have a one year warranty that comes with it. If not, I'm sure some people on here will help you out.

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    Yes is my first post. I have one year with my ultra250x.

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    F1 means your fuel injection threw 1 code. Thats why when you start the boat it says F0 all the time when it's running normal. You need the kawi software to find out what code it was. ck all your plugs and make sure they are all plugged in correctly (most common prob).

    A dealer should not not charge you more than 1 hr labor to hook up your boat and find what sensor tripped the F1 to show up on your display.

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    Thansk snapper, I go to verify any plug. The sevice dealer kw in Puerto Rico is not a best. I try to kw dealer.

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