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    VTS not working on 2004 RXP

    I bought this ski used. It was my first ride on it and I noticed the VTS didn't work. Otherwise ski ran great and left me smiles.

    Is this a common thing with the RXP's? How important is it that I fixed it?

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    i have an 04 rxp also and have not had any problems or have herd of any problems with the vts on them. i would imagine that its the same on all Seadoo's.

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    Tator... it could be 1. An actual failure of the VTS motor, 2. A blown fuse (which normally means the VTS motor is on it's way to failure), or 3. A loss of communication between the ECU and MPEM.

    Does the display show the bars that move up and down with the VTS? If not it's probably a communication problem.

    You can also check for error codes that will help diagnose the problem... I think the are P1690/P1692, or something like that. I'll go check and get back with the info.


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