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    While riding on Sunday, I observed a Seadoo GTX off in the distance (in the middle of the lake) with no operator on it. Out of habit I cruised closer, usually checking to see if everyone is ok w/ a thumbs up, etc. As I got closer It was obvious the motor was still running with no operator. I quickly scanned the area and saw two heads bobbing around about 150 yards away from the GTX. At this point I proceeded to the indivduals. They told me they were alright. I gave them my orange ski flag that I carry and told them to stay together. Next I went back to the GTX, positioned my RXT next to it and pulled the lanyard. The engine stopped. I rode back to the individuals, they boarded my Seadoo and I took them back to their GTX. The lanyard was was not secured to the operator and was placed in the GTX's glove compartment with the lid closed. Apparently, they were riding aggresively when they were thrown from the watercraft, you no the rest of the story. They thanked me and of course I told them what they done was really stupid, I asked the operator to attach the lanyard to his vest for obvious reason, he agreed.
    The whole thing took about 3-4 minutes and went very smoothly.
    Shawn, I started second guessing my self afterwards. Should I have had them board my ski first then attempt to disable the GTX. Overall I feel pretty good about everything. It actually went like clock work w/ no further incident. Just wondering.
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    Whoa! That's a great experience, a positive one and a good example!

    Since you asked, I will give you my echo...your intution was well used.

    Whatever your instinct first tells you to address is usually the level of your ability telling you what is chronologically in order. First I would say your experiences of owning a PWC tells you what in sequence is most important to focus on...

    One: Unusual PWC activity

    Two: Response

    Three: Identify the risks

    Four: Measure those risks

    Five: Highest risk? 2 POB's in the water with no injury and lifejackets, or a PWC that is circling on it's own power. I think you did well, helping them identify themselves on the water. The highest risk to them would be other vessel traffic not spotting them low to the waterline, or an impact injury.

    Six: Response/Recovery

    Seven: Look back (debrief) your behavior and tune it by common sense evaluation, this is a really good building block towards developing confidence for the next round!

    Learning: By telling them to fix the core problem in the realted events that just took place, you educated them. You both benfited in different ways by crossing paths that small thing.

    If your gut tells you 'this is bad', be careful! Always trust your intuition as it can save you, and only go if you feel confident, or do only what you feel confident in doing...

    I usually layer people on my PWC by weight and phyiscal ability, to lessen any unstability. We also go over some basic PWC rescue skills in our AWA Safety days, because honestly recretional PWC owners are usually first on scene as 'first responders' doing many amazing rescues and recoveries before EMS is mustered on a call.

    If you have the time, sort through these and you'll see some of the building blocks of rescue we teach. Every rider should know a few of these, as you can bet, they'll be helping someone out in need. PRUDENT MARINERS! (quality isn't so great, but you'll get the drift, select the proper vids).

    If you put them on your PWC, it would have been much more difficult to stop their own under power, could have resulted in a collision with injury or flipped your PWC because of the unequal weight distribution trying to stop a moving know what 'you are going to do', but you can't tell what they 'will do' on your PWC, that is a big concern. They could jump, or fall, or do nothing..LOL

    Well done job, we call this an Every Day Hero!

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