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    701 compression test..

    i did a compression test on my 61x motor in my Fx1 and the turn out come to be 140 psi in each cylinder and its completely stock.. now before i start doing mods like pipeing and bolting on a head should i get new rings on the pistons or take precations ? i was told 140 psi means its on the way out (getting tired) is this true or should i proceed with the mods ?


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    No, 140 is fine on a stock motor. My 61X pumps 142 in both and my 62T pumped 147 in both. My 62T only had about 90 hours on it, not sure on the 61X..

    A lot depends on the gauge your using, the temp of the motor your checking, throttle open or closed, oil in the cylinders etc etc.... So many things can change compression at the gauge +/-...
    As long as they are pretty even between the 2 jugs and pumping around 140 you are fine...

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