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    nube here

    I did a search so forgive this question if it's already on the forum somewhere.
    I have a friends '99 750. He bought it used and it sat all winter with no prep. Now it doesn't stay running after starting with a small shot of ether.
    (I know..not good) .
    After I flush out the old gas and put in new plugs how do I run this thing out of the water? Is there a setup similar to earmufs?
    Thanks in advance.

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    You can start a ski on the trailer with no water running to it. It will not hurt it. But dont run it for to long out of the water (like more than 20 continous seconds I would say). If you do however want to run it out of the water there is a hose with a cap screwed on it underneath the seat around the edge in the back. You have to have a flusher hose to connect it and you must start the ski b4 you turn on the water and turn the water off b4 u turn off the ski.

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    Thanks guys
    The flush port had come loose and fell into the bilge and that is why I didn't see it.

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