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    93 sl750 runs great then no hot start

    Hi, The runner goes fine allday aslong as you don't shut off! Battery is new this season. Starts in the Morning fine lots of cranking power. Then after running for lets say 20min or 5 hours no problems at all until you shut it off. then no start until the next day just a small click from the box on top of the battery. PLEASE HELP ME Thanx Rich

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    If you are getting a click from the electrical box, then something is keeping the starter motor from getting power.

    Start by removing and cleaning ALL battery cable connections, both ends of each cable, including the engine block ground and the cable that feeds the starter motor. Protect with Nyogel type dielectric grease.

    If that doesn't help, then put a multi-meter on the starter solenoid post that feeds the starter. When the problem happens, see if you have 12 volts feeding the starter motor. If you do, and the cable to the starter is good, then the starter motor is the problem, and you should replace it.

    If you DON'T have 12 volts to the starter when the problem happens, then the solenoid is the problem - replace it.

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    Not sure how easy it is to get to the starter on your ski. I had a starter problem on a vechile of mine and it left me stranded. After being towed to my mechanic, he tapped the starter with a hammer a few times and it started right up. He showed me that trick so I wouldn't have to pay for a tow, if I found myself in that situation again. Of course I had him replace the starter.

    Just an idea if you got stranded out on the water or don't have a multimeter.

    Good luck, keep us posted!

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