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    two new waverunners (new to me)

    OK here is the story. A guy that I work with had a 97 & 98 Yamaha GP760 which he had no room to store so he asked me if I wanted the skis. He was in the process of putting them back together because both motors had taken on water. He had Riva heads, carbs, exhaust and a few other parts which I still have that he removed to take back to stock to see if this is where the water problem came form. So I got them very late last fall and got one back together and running. I took it to the lake and road for about an hour then it would not run much better than an idle or it would die out. I brought it back home and noticed a hose that was off the carb and replaced it and ran the ski with a hose and it ran fine (I ran it about 15 minutes). This year got them out last weekend and replaced the battery in the one that I had running and all I get is a clicking. engine is not turning over. Any suggestions on troubleshooting? I would like to check the starter but dont really want to take the exhaust off? Is there process of elimination that I should follow to trouble shoot this?

    I am hoping to get started putting the other one back together soon so I am sure I will have some more questions on that one.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you may have to offer.

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    I believe the one that is "clicking" has a starter relay problem which is located in the black electrical box. You can buy one online or go t your local Yamaha dealer and get one. They will charge you about $75 labor "if you're lucky" to replace plus the cost of the part ($50).

    Or you can do it yourself.

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    welcome to the forum !

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    Thanks for the info and the welcome.
    I will work on getting some pics on here. OK next question, do you think I should keep the second engine stock or put the Riva parts back on? I have been told that the after market exhaust may have been the where the water issue came from. I would think that the Riva head with the
    O-ring type gasket could be a potential cause myself. I guess biggest question I have is what are some of the more common issues of motors taking on water?

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